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 Cigar Boxes

Cigar Boxes Assorted Assorted

CODE: 2-50-F

$9.00 $6.00on sale In stock
This Cigar Boxes is of the Assorted varietal and was produced by the Cigars winery in the region of Most. It is a vintage and is available from the Wine Barrel Plus in a Assorted bottle.

Everyone loves empty cigar boxes!

The best packaging of any product on the market has to be cigars. Where else do you see such intricate, attractive packaging on such a consistent basis?

Everyone can find at least one use for an empty cigar box, even if they don’t smoke cigars. Cigars are well-known for their ornate and beautiful packaging. Cigar boxes are routinely transformed into cigar-box guitars, purses, pen and pencil cases and a million other fun and functional art projects. Empty cigar boxes are sold Individually selected randomly from our constantly evolving inventory. Used mostlet 4 Arts and Crafts be creative! A great Stash Box.

 Cigar boxes can be used for a variety of purposes, including holding nuts and bolts, nails, file cards, recipes, matchbooks and just about anything else you can think of. Each order includes 1 different, empty wooden cigar
boxe. No two are alike - each Box varies.

  • Wooden & Cardboard Quality Empty Cigar Boxes - 
  • Styles and sizes will vary from ones shown
  • No Tobacco or cigars are included
  • Contact seller prior to purchase for special requests

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