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 Diamond Crown cigar display

Diamond Crown cigar display

CODE: 01-01

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Diamond Crown cigar display: good condition, some chips and scrapes You can be the envy of all your friends, this one of a kind display is more rare every day that passes. 47 inches tall and 6 inches wide.99% of all cigar shops do not have one of these Diamond Crown Cigars have a rich history dating back to 1991 when Stanford Newman first discussed his idea about making an ultra premium cigar, the Diamond Crown Cigar in celebration of his company's 100th Anniversary with Carlos Fuente Senior. Stanford new that to create the richest, yet most consistent full - flavored cigar he would have to make the Diamond Crown Cigar a thick cigar so that the large ring size would allow for the blending of an extremely complex blend of multiple tobaccos. Knowing that traditional handmade cigars ring gauges ranged up to 50 or 52 Stanford knew that nothing less than a 54 ring gauge would do.

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