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NA Mango and black pepper mead

NA Mango and black pepper mead Mango and black pepper mead 500 ml

CODE: B Nektar

$7.49 - $7.99 In stock B.Nektar
This Mango and black pepper mead is of the Mango and black pepper mead varietal and was produced by the B. Nektar winery in the Ferndale region of USA. It is a NA vintage and is available from the Wine Barrel Plus in a 500 ml bottle.

 Mango and black pepper mead
Appearance- straw-gold with quickly dissipating head.
Aroma- sweet and floral mango notes, followed by spicy black pepper and a spicy yeast character.
Flavor- fruity mango wine backed by citrusy honey brightness. Finishes with lively black pepper.
Mouthfeel- light carbonation creates a crisp clean feel that washes away quickly. Very drinkable.
Type: Mead
Alcohol: 6%
Package: 500 ml bottles, 1/6 barrel kegs
Taproom Price: In Bottle $7.99, On Tap $6 for a 10 oz. pour
Food Pairings:
Sushi, ginger, Thai or Indian curries, most Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. Very food-friendly.

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