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When searching for wines, try a simple search with one word.  Leave all the criteria at the default settings, once you start finding your selection then you can change the criteria.  

Our wine cellar is climate controlled,by temperature, humidity, fresh air movement, light and vibration.  The temperature is 53 degrees.  The humidity is 67% and is all controlled by a sophisticated and alarmed systems.   The provenance of the wines in our cellar is, from  distributor to our cellar and then to you the end user.  There are no middle men.  We buy all our wines directly from the distributor, then go directly into the cellar and  are sold directly to you the consumer.  You can rest assured that we do not buy wine that someone else has previously owned or acquire, and no wines from any auctions of any sort.  

Let us not forget, that one of the purposes of cellaring wine is so that it develops over time, gracefully maturing into something more complex and interesting than the wine in its youth. Lower temperatures inhibit this process, meaning you will have to wait even longer to enjoy the wines at their peak. This is not a bad thing.  This means that the wines will mature slower and live longer for your enjoyment when purchasing from the Wine Barrel.  Warmer temperatures may accelerate the aging process.  Wine needs to sleep, maybe even put into a coma.  Frequent disturbance of the wine will agitate it.  This is why we have a sophisticated and alarmed system in our cellar so that the humidity and temperature never fluctuate.  

A moderately damp cellar is ideal, as humidity helps to keep the corks from drying out. This is also achieved by keeping the bottles horizontal, so that the wine is in constant contact with the cork. A cork that is kept moist keeps its shape, and thus remains well expanded and maintains a good seal.  
Darkness is ideal for a cellar. Ultraviolet light destroys wine, which is one of the reasons wine is traditionally bottled in colored glass.

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